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November 29, 2015
Letters to the editor
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Support ordinance to clean up county

To the editor:

Have you noticed any dilapidated, abandoned buildings alongside any of our busy roadways (i.e. state Routes 441, 105, 115 and 197)? These buildings are not only eyesores, but present dangerous places in which children might play.

For safety reasons alone, shouldn’t these buildings be condemned and demolished? Maybe our fire departments can use them for practice?

If you would like our county commissioners to pass an ordinance regarding condemnation procedures, please let them know.

Al Nosca


Preserve individual property rights

To the editor:

The United States Constitution as well as the Georgia Constitution lists the rights of citizens. Among the rights listed are the right of personal security, personal liberty and the right of private property.

Local governments should not have the ability to strip us of these rights as they do when local zoning ordinances ban us from the right to grow.

For a number of reasons, people are returning to their agrarian roots and growing their own food. The sustainable food movement is moving through this country stronger than ever. However, some local municipalities are not happy about this.

In 2011, Rep. Bobby Franklin introduced HB 2 into the Georgia General Assembly. It reads: “No county, municipality, consolidated government or local government authority shall prohibit or require any permit for the growing or raising of food crops or chickens, rabbits or milk goats in home gardens, coops or pens on private residential property so long as such food crops or animals or the products thereof are used for human consumption by the occupant of such property and members of his or her household and not for commercial purposes.”

Franklin argued his bill isn’t the state overriding local control, it’s returning control to the most local unit: the family. “The whole concept is no level of state government should ever tell a person that they are prohibited from feeding their family.”

We, the people of Georgia need to stand up and say, “Enough!” Our legislators need to know that we still value our rights and we want them back. We have plenty of sheep in our neighborhoods; now let’s get the rights to own gardens, chickens and goats back.

Joseph Pond